How You Can Choose The Best Window Frames

When you renovate your home or want to make it more energy efficient, you need to consider new window frames. The problem is that there are many different types of window frames that you can choose from which makes this a daunting task. When you are looking for the best window frames for your home, you should consider what each has to offer before you make any decisions.

Aluminum Window Frames

Aluminum window frames are ideal if you want to get the maximum amount of light into your home. Aluminum is a very strong material which allows the frames to support large panes of glass. If you wCant to brighten your home with natural light, then these are the best window frames for you.

Of course, there is a drawback to these frames that you need to know about. This is the fact that aluminum will conduct heat from the outside of the house. Condensation is more likely when you have these frames as well.

Vinyl Window Frames

Another type of window frame that you can consider is vinyl window frames. These frames will generally have double-glazing which offers you the benefit of sound and heat insulation. One of the primary benefits of this type of window frame is the fact that it is low-maintenance.

When you look at these frames, you will notice that you can choose from a range of finishes. This ensures that the window frame is able to match the overall style of your home. The most popular finishes for these frames are wood-grain and white.

Steel Window Frames

Another type of window frame that you can look at is steel window frames. These frames are a good option because they are strong and have amazing durability. As with aluminum, the strength of the steel frames will allow you to have larger windows and bigger glass panes. This will result in more natural light in your home.

Many people choose steel window frames because they also offer a modern and elegant look to the property. The material is low-maintenance and offers a long life-span making them a good investment. Steel window frames also offer protection from fire as they will not buckle in the event of a fire.

The Style Of The Window Frame

While it is important to consider the material used for the window frame, you also need to consider the style that you will get. This will impact which window frame is the best choice for your home. There are a number of different styles and each style has a material that is commonly used.

Awning window frames will generally be made with wood and can be customized. Inset screens can be added to these windows if you want the additional protection. It is important to note that wood is not always considered the best material for window frames as it is a high-maintenance material.

Sliding window frames are popular because of the amount of air they allow into the home. They are generally made from metal and come in standard sizes. When choosing these window frames, you will need to be careful with the quality as this can vary depending on the provider.

Double hung window frames will typically be made with wood, but they can also be made with aluminum. These windows will generally be custom made and it is hard to find them in standard sizes. You will be able to have a roll-up or insect screen fitted to the windows to provide you additional protection.

There are many different types of window frames on the market. This can make it hard to choose the best ones for your home. When you have to do this, you should look at the style that you want and the material that the frame is made from.

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